Dream peace in Afghanistan is incomplete

Right when the United States submitted hostility against Afghanistan after 9/11, it didn’t evaluate that multi day war will include twenty years. Washington and its partnership countries didn’t think in the power of power influence It was that they should go through the inflexible courses in achieving revenue in Afghanistan, that is the explanation the money related mishaps achieved by the misfortune where the results arose out of suspicions, especially the superpower of America’s economy is unfathomable The upside of a comparative American deficiency, the puppet Kabul association raised a whole path since its American establishments have given inestimable reports containing financial irregularities and cheats, which exhibits that in the strategy for congruity in Afghanistan. Most terrible people who have taken financial interests from the United States on one hand, anyway on the other hand, Indian resources from India have moreover gotten Indian resources and itself have decided to back the limited affiliations and get-togethers for mental persecution. Is.

The United States has persevered through more than $ 20 billion in the Afghan clash since 2001.


It is acknowledged that generally $ 134 billion was confirmed for various advancement programs in Afghanistan, anyway when these undertakings were surveyed, it was revealed that for 30% of unquestionably the monetary arrangement, for 19 billion dollars of $ 63 billion Only 1.8 billion dollars were lost from January 2018 to December 2019, just spent on strange use.

In 2008, the US government set up a foundation “Remarkable Inspector General for Afghanistan Reinforce”, which was the commitment to see how the money on Afghanistan’s changing plans is consuming, 197 work power The highest point of the head “is known as the Special Inspector General. The current report of the US is by and by in the new report to the exposure of 2.4 billion dollars for the redoing of Afghanistan, which has gone to the disclosure of the disclosure of the scene. The pool has opened.

The region is frustration that billions of dollars made by socially, social, financial and social necessities couldn’t have had the choice to complete the establishment in Afghanistan.

The zones of Afghanistan, Bakhr, Farah, Ghazni, Herat, Jergs, Kabul, Kandahar, Khost, Kunduz, Laghman, Naushar, Nazarus, Paktika, Paktia and Parwan numerous improvement projects in which school, clinical center and power age The preparing plant joins regulatory recklessness, not used, non-standard advancement work or horrendous errands, either due to the contention, or the zombies are vacant, some of them consolidate adventures that are done So it was done at this point they were infrequently used or they were not used for the justification which they were made.

Review that in a 2020 report conveyed in the 2020, it was shown that the rich association saved more income in work area work for the worldwide neighborhood went against to discarding debasement from root. In 2016, Afghanistan in regards to the entertainment, John Septu was conveyed a novel report containing 236 pages, which was revealed that in light of Jabja spread degradation “Overall undertakings in Afghanistan are in a state-guaranteed state.”


US Department of Defense, worth $ 67 million, made a cover for women’s readiness in the Army Regional Training Center in Jalalabad, yet couldn’t benefit by this office due to the preclusion on the planning of the Afghan government. Afghan areas Mobile phone organization in Ghazni, Helmand and Kandahar and TV and Radio’s imparting in Afghanistan were planted by $ 72 million, yet the entirety that was expected to run was not unequivocally assessed. It was assigned that he was lacking a direct result of which he could never be used.

The US Department of Justice gave an assertion in May 2020, which was said that the mistake of the “G22 Air Craft Program” will not run any criminal or regular case on anyone. It is furthermore 54 million The $ 90 million was reused, which was purchased for the military of Afghanistan to the military of Afghanistan from Italy, 16 vehicle plane sold only 40 thousand dollars ensuing to being disturbed a few years. gone.

In November 2006, the United States Central Command Air Force felt the prerequisite for “medium lift” planes for the forces of Afghanistan.

The US Air Force USF inferred that the plane surrendered by the Airlines of Italy should be purchased through an association named Elena North America. The whole appropriated for the security powers store ASFF September 30 In the hurry to give this understanding before the expense of consumption till 2008, experts gave relevant norms “Government Action Regulation” back to this single venture laborer in September, from November 2009 to March 2013 by 16 plane Kabul The International Airport will appear at 4 Germany’s military air terminals in Germany, not long after the planes and their support staff started to get cries, and such error and deformations begin to come. As a result of them, security concerns moreover appeared in the purchase understanding of these planes, including various such stipulations, under which the association’s full thought, fix, additional bits of the planes, and

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