Forensic audit of Jahangir Tareen’s business and family accounts decided

Beside ATF Mango Farm Lodhran, JK Darez, Ali Tareen, Jahangir Tareen’s three young ladies, Jahangir Tareen’s own records, JK Sugar Mills Khanewal’s record and AKT Sugar Mill’s record will in like manner be presented to logical audit.


The FIA ​​has decided to coordinate a lawful audit of the business and family records of PTI pioneer Jahangir Tareen Group. As shown by media reports, the associations controlled by Jahangir Tareen, ATF Mango Farm Lodhran, JK Dairies and his youngster Ali Tareen, association official Rana Naseem and JK Sugar Mills Khanewal’s record will similarly be forensicized.

It has been taught that the three young ladies with respect to eminent cash supervisor Jahangir Tareen, his own record and the record of AKT Sugar Mill will similarly be presented to lawful audit. It may be explored that FIA Lahore has selected a FIR against PTI pioneer Jahangir Tareen, JDW CEO Jahangir Tareen, his kid Ali Tareen and youngster in-law Waleed Akbar Farooqi, according to media sources. R has been blamed for sugar gathering, burglary and blackmail.

The substance of the EIR states that Jahangir Tareen moved Rs. 3.14 billion from the fake to a shut preparing plant to help his family. The money was moved to Farooqi Pulp Malik Limited Company in 2011-12. Tax avoidance of Rs 3 billion was finished in a shut preparing plant. In the said FIR, Waleed Akbar Farooqi, youngster in-law of Jahangir Tareen, Shahid Akbar Farooqi and companions secretary Muhammad Rafiq were named.

Jahangir Tareen’s response to FIR halted by FIA Lahore, uneven movement for the circumstance while announcing the charges as ridiculous and made, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) pioneer Jahangir Tareen has held up a FIR against him. “All of the cases against me and my youngster are unjustifiable and produced. The private survey firm has successfully affirmed the records of my associations. All of the offers and records have been moved according to the law,” he said. Surely, I am unblemished all around on money related issue, yet the enlistment of the case is heartbreaking, the truths were ignored in the selection of the case.

“False FIRs were enlisted against me and my young people, the money moved to another country was troubled and all the money was traveled through banks, while all of the chronicles were offered over to the FIA ​​in this regard,” he said. I have given that all of the assets of my kid Ali Tareen were made through legitimate strategies, while my kid has an all out money trail of assets.

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