Now Pakistan will also buy sugar from India

At the point when India secured down involved Kashmir and broke the mountains of mistreatment in involved Kashmir by building the world’s biggest jail, the public authority of Pakistan had expressed in detail that there would be no discussions with India until He didn’t pull out the forceful choice taken in involved Kashmir however it was written in the pages of history that India didn’t surrender its occupation in involved Kashmir and exchange and business roads were opened with India.

We import everything from potatoes and onions to medications and I couldn’t say whether India has even given crown antibody to the entire world yet as an adjoining country we have been denied.


Following the rising sugar costs in the country, arrangements have been begun to import sugar from adjoining India, a rundown of cotton imports from the adjoining nation has likewise been readied, the Cabinet Economic Co-appointment Committee is probably going to support it soon.

As per subtleties, Federal Finance Minister Hamad Azhar was made the top of the Cabinet’s Economic Co-appointment Committee (ECC). A gathering of the Cabinet Economic Coordination Committee led by Hamad Azhar will be hung on Wednesday. Sources said that the gathering will think about a 21-point plan, a rundown of authorization to import cotton from India will be introduced while sugar imports will be introduced. A rundown will likewise be submitted for endorsement.

The Strategic Trade Policy Framework 2020-25 will be thought of. Sources said that a rundown will be introduced for the enrollment of the geological privileges of Pink Rock Salt. Indeed, a synopsis of the rearrangement of PIA will be introduced, a rundown of the specialized award of the Ministry of Petroleum is required to be endorsed. Incorporates outlines of Ministry of Education awards, including grants for local area schools and understudies.

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