Tweeter Deleted Tweet of Iranian Supreme leader

Tweet from Arabic and English Twitter accounts were killed, dismissed the laws of online media stages from this tweet, Twitter association

Social Contacts site Twitter has killed the Iranian Supreme Leader Syed Ali Khamenei’s American and British Corona vaccination. According to the new news office, Iranian Supreme Leader in this Twitter said that these ‘are thoroughly stunning’. Posted on Twitter, he said that the import of America and the United Kingdom neutralizer is limited.

In all likelihood, they should filthy various countries. ‘ He moreover said, “The French neutralizer isn’t unreasonably trustworthy,” he said, “as for our experience of HIV-impacted blood supply.” This tweet has been eradicated from their Arabic and English Twitter accounts after this Twitter of Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei.

While he really has talk on his Persian record.


Twitter says this tweet dismissed the laws of online media stages. Doubtlessly the Iranian Supreme Leader has broadcasted the American and British Corona counter acting agent incredible. According to the new news office report, Iran said that they will not import countless Corona contamination antibodies gave by the Wiscons of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s UK and the United States after banners.

In such way, Iranian Hilal Ahmer Society avowed that after the statement of Syed Ali Khamenei, the immunizer was not recognized and the vaccination organized will not be recognized. Iran’s Hilal Ahmer’s agent said, “We can avow that Hilal Ahmer has dropped 1,000,000 food assortments of a savage inoculation for Coronaviris from the United States.” He added. “Our collusion Russia, China and India will give a neutralizer vaccination to Hillal Ahmer’s overall population.

“Today is sure that Iranian Supreme Leader announced the antibodies coming from the UK and the United States in its attestation today. Iranian Supreme pioneer Syed Ali Khamenei suggested Corona inoculation. “The import of American and British vaccination in the country is denied, because they are absolutely incomprehensible. Can’t excuse the opportunity they should dirty various nations.

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