We want trade with India, but not at the cost of Kashmir

Will moreover exchange cotton and sugar from India, govt reports huge conditions for resumption of relations with India

Government Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said that we need trade with India, we will moreover exchange cotton and sugar. According to nuances, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology while bantering with the media said that we need to restore relations with India, anyway not to the detriment of ‘Kashmir’. “If India returns to its past position on August 5, we can agree to restore relations with India,” he said, refering to the public power’s basic condition for restoring relations with India.


He said that trade with India would not be to the detriment of Kashmir. Chatting with media, he in like manner talked about Covid and crown neutralizer in the country and said that 98% of Pakistanis would be inoculated freed from cost.

Two percent people who might not really like to stay in line will be given the workplace of extreme counter acting agent. He said that the conflict with respect to the expense of Russian inoculation is going on in the Sindh High Court.

It is to be seen that Pakistan had denied India after the Indian government completed the remarkable status of Occupied Kashmir and passed on a significant sudden of troops in Occupied Kashmir and now there indicate resumption of relations sometime. Have started meeting in such way, the public authority has similarly started speaks with India through a circuitous access channel. Cricket matches among Pakistan and India have in like manner been demonstrated. Regardless, the public authority has again and again said that relations with India are possible simply in case it restores included Kashmir to its past circumstance from August 5.

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